Natalie Zeigler Q&A on Hartsville

In her 6th year as City Manager, Natalie Zeigler is just one of many people focused on the growth and success that Hartsville has seen in the recent years.  The City Manger often starts her discussions about Hartsville by discussing how this community seems different than many.

So what is Hartsville?

 “Hartsville is a community. It’s a family. One of the things that my team and I love to do is welcome families to Hartsville and walk them around and tell them our story. Hartsville is striving to be a progressive small town and our team within the City is determined on creating a quality of life, place, and purpose here in Hartsville.”

What has been the driving factor that has helped Hartsville be successful?

“The only way for the City to be successful is if our employees are a community and team as well. I love that we have built a team here. They’re energetic about their jobs and about making Hartsville the best place to live. They have a passion and a desire about improving Hartsville and they’re the ones that make this happen. When other cities come in and want to use Hartsville as their model, it just goes to show that what we’re doing is making a difference.”

What’s been the most rewarding part during your tenure?

“It’s seeing ideas become implemented. It’s the little things like plants blossoming in spring, the parking lots being full, people walking around the downtown. It’s hearing the stories from people who have visited and ended up saying this is where I want to live. I like that the work never stops. Every single day is different and it brings a new challenge that our team is ready to face. We are all seeking for new ways to aim for bigger and better things for the City.”

What is it about Hartsville that makes you get up in the morning?

 “Hartsville is very much like where I was born and right now this is my kid’s town. This is their home.  I want to make Hartsville a place that they would be proud to be from.  I know that I don’t have all the answers, but with a Mayor with a vision, a wonderful city council and an amazing team that wants to implement that vision, I know we can achieve it.

Coker College President, Dr. Wyatt, spoke about the efforts Coker has made to make Hartsville a college town. What’s next from the City’s point of view?

“Our next step is just to continue the momentum that has developed. In order for us to grow we need Coker to be a part of the town. As Coker grows we grow. There’s some tangible things that I think we need like downtown Wi-Fi and professional apartments. We need to keep offering internships to students, we need to keep finding ways to come onto Coker’s campus and teach classes, and we need the students and their families to just see Hartsville for what it is.

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This interview was conducted by The Byerly Foundation Intern, Kyndle Cobb

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