Our Purpose

The Byerly Foundation serves as a catalyst for positive change in the Hartsville community by working with public and private interests to improve educational, economic and social outcomes for all citizens.


The Byerly Foundation strives to demonstrate the following values in our work and our funding decisions:


We value the trust of the community and believe that operating with integrity contributes to the Foundation’s credibility.

Sound Stewardship

The Board strives to leverage the assets of the Foundation to achieve our mission, while working to preserve the corpus of funds to ensure the sustainability of the Foundation and its ability to continue meeting needs within the Hartsville community.

Local Focus

In all that we do, the focus is making a positive impact and benefit for Hartsville, South Carolina.


The Byerly Foundation will demonstrate both empathy and understanding in dealing with the unique and challenging needs facing the citizens of Hartsville.


We value the opinions and insights of all stakeholders. We will seek feedback from our stakeholders to help inform our policies, positions and decisions.


We will be the conduit that facilitates the development and strengthening of mutually beneficial organizational relationships helping groups and individuals work together on behalf of Hartsville’s citizens.


The Byerly Foundation Blog

Nothing About Us, Without Us

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The Byerly Foundation is active in the Pandemic

Rolling Grant Cycle The Byerly Foundation Board voted at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic to open grant making on a month by month basis instead of having a single grant cycle. As a result,...


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