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Hartsville, SC – The Byerly Foundation opened the 2018/2019 grant cycle on May 1, 2018. The Board generally begins to distribute grants for the new cycle beginning October 1.

The Byerly Foundation is a hyper-local Foundation meaning that nearly all grant funds are focused strictly on the greater Hartsville, South Carolina area. The Foundation Board primarily funds grants working with education, economic development and social needs in the area.

Who is eligible?

The Byerly Foundation can make grants to qualifying 501-C-3 organizations and other public, governmental units for charitable and community focused programs. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals and it does not fund scholarship programs. The Foundation’s mission is to help make Hartsville one of the best communities for living, working and raising a family.

What is involved in the grant request?

The Byerly Foundation Board focuses on grants that can demonstrate the potential for a lasting impact on the community to improve areas in education, economic development and social needs.  As Board members review grant requests this year, they will be looking for answers to five basic questions borrowed from national grant-making strategists. We hope these questions will help organizations develop the best case for their request.

1 – What project is the organization is considering and what will be its impact on Hartsville?

2 – What strategies are being planned to accomplish the goals of the program?

3 – What are the organization’s capabilities for making the project happen and delivering results? What are plans for sustaining the program?

4 – How will the Foundation and the organization be able to measure progress toward anticipated outcomes?

5 – What is the track record of the organization in making positive things happen to this point?

What should the grant request include?

What are the steps involved in submitting a grant?

If you have any questions about a potential grant, Richard Puffer, Executive Director of The Byerly Foundation, will be glad to discuss your ideas. He can be reached at the Foundation; 843-383-2400 or his mobile; 843-229-1492.

Grant requests can be sent by email to  Grants may also be mailed to The Byerly Foundation, P.O. Box 1925, Hartsville, SC 29551. Grants may also be dropped off at the office, located at 101 North Second Street, at the corner of Second and East Carolina in Hartsville. The deadline for submission for this grant cycle is by noon on June 15, 2018.

What happens after grants are submitted?

The Board of the Foundation reads all grant requests. There are often questions and a need for more information.  When that happens, a committee member of the Board or the Executive Director will explore the grant further.  The Board reviews grant requests during the summer and prepares to make grant announcements in October.

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