Help to Make Visions into Reality

Helping to Make Visions Reality
Community Vision Survey
The Byerly Foundation is in the process of developing a plan for additional input from the greater Hartsville community concerning what might Hartsville an even better place. We shared some of these questions during a recent presentation to the Sunrise Rotary Club of Hartsville and we thought it might be good to get this first draft of questions out for more discussion.
We are not sure these are the best questions to start a discussion about visions for Hartsville future but they are the first we’ve developed.
We hope by including them in this blog we will get some feedback to help refine the questions so we can develop more effective data points. And, maybe this process will help us develop a different question platform. So, if you have some ideas please send them to or email directly to
You are also invited to fill out the questionnaire and send it back. Thanks for your assistance.
1 – In YOUR opinion what is the most glaring problem that we face in our greater Hartsville Community?
2—In YOUR opinion what is the biggest strength of our greater Hartsville Community?
3 – In YOUR opinion list two to five organizations you see making positive impacts on the greater Hartsville community.
a) ________________________ b) _____________________________
c) _______________________ d) _____________________________
4 – If there were two business announcements being made about additions to the Hartsville community, what would you hope those business announcements would be?
5 – If you had more time or more money to invest in the Hartsville community, in what area of our community life would you be most apt to invest? Or, right now, when it comes to investing time or money outside of your home what areas are your working with?

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