To serve as a catalyst for positive change by working with public and private interests to improve educational, economic and social outcomes for our citizens.

That is our purpose. The Byerly Foundation, established in 1995, has distributed over $17,000,000 in grants to organizations seeking to push Hartsville forward.

As the board members review grant requests they look for answers to five basic questions. Those questions are:

Our History

Dr. William Byerly was a popular and busy Hartsville doctor who established a clinic attached to his home in 1933. That clinic expanded over the years and became The Byerly Hospital. In 1995, the trustees of this community hospital sold to a for-profit hospital company and the proceeds of the sale were used to establish The Byerly Foundation, a non-profit private foundation that took over the hospital’s 501(c)3 status. The proceeds from this sale were approximately $25 million in property and cash. The cash proceeds, approximately $22 million were invested and set up as funds that would be used to make grants back to the Hartsville community.

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals. Since 1998, the Foundation has provided approximately $17 million in grants to the greater Hartsville community. Currently, the Foundation has a little more than $20 million invested and generating income.

The Byerly Foundation Blog

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The Byerly Foundation is active in the Pandemic

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