The Byerly Foundation is active in the Pandemic

Rolling Grant Cycle
The Byerly Foundation Board voted at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic to open grant making on a month by month basis instead of having a single grant cycle. As a result, any eligible group wanting to become involved in a grant process should contact the Foundation to discuss next steps. (Office phone – 843-383-2400 or Executive Director’s mobile phone 843-229-1492.)

Monthly meetings on Zoom
Since March 2020, The Byerly Foundation has been using Zoom for its monthly meetings and that is continuing in the first months of 2021. The Byerly Board regularly meets the last Tuesday of every month. This past meeting the Board met with Dr. Natalie Harder of Coker University to discuss how things were at the University. In addition, the Board heard from City Manager Daniel Moore and Mayor Mel Pennington with an overview of the city and the Canal Project progress.

Community Connection and Communication Calls
The Byerly Foundation has been hosting weekly calls for a variety of organizations from the Greater Hartsville community since March of 2020. These calls have been used to help organizations stay in contact with other organizations. The goal is to identify and solve problems before they get out of control. These meetings also help people more effectively use resources during these time. And the meetings help people identify areas of cooperation to be more effective. One major advantage of the regular zoom meetings has been the ability to offer appreciation to various organizations for their ‘over and above’ responses. Anyone who thinks their organization can benefit from being part of the call should contact the Foundation to be added to the call list. (843-383-2400 or 843-229-1942)

Special Grants during these pandemic times
There have been several examples of special grants during these time. Here are two examples> 1) The City asked for a grant to help businesses recover after the first months of interruptions. The Foundation partnered with the City with a grant of $150,000 to aid in this business recovery effort. 2) The Sonoco Foundation and The Byerly Foundation each contributed $100,000 to establish a $200,000 fund to aid non-profit groups with operations in the Hartsville area with grants from $2500 to $5000. The Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville received that fund and implemented the grant program.

Connecting in the non-profit sector of our community
The Byerly Foundation is offering opportunities for non-profit leaders and workers to engage in virtual conversations during these times. The calls have been set up to engage people when they are able to attend. This week the call will feature Charles Weathers. He is a well-known non-profit consultant and leader, who will facilitate some self reflection for the non-profit participants. (February 3 at 3 p.m.)

There are other things that continue to happen so if you have ideas or observations, please let us know at The Byerly Foundation.

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